Research Projects

Consequences of changing seasonality across scales

Seasonality is one of the most influencing pattern on earth. Global variation in seasonal climate is arguably the most dominant external driver in natural systems that underpins the formation of the earth’s biomes and almost all biological processes therein.

Have you ever heard of Geoethics?

What is Geoethics and does it play a role in your research? During this week, we willunderstand if and how geoethics play a role for us and if and how we should apply its conceptsto our research and to our working environment.

How to overcome the ‘maybe’ explanations of ‘why’: explaining causality?

We are proposing a “mini-research challenge” that would explore and gather methods for deriving and/or assigning directional influences, drivers, or causal links, particularly when undertaking remote sensing analysis or attributing climate adaptation.

Involving local communities interactively in the research stage ofdata acquisition

Permafrost is a phenomenon mainly observed in the Earth’s high latitudes. Contact person Torben Windirsch-Woiwode, Tabea Rettelbach

Let the data talk on their own? How to explain show and narrate data in short videos

In recent years and accelerated by the COVID19 crisis, video has become a preferential device for science pedagogics and communication. Scientists increasingly use video in their (digital) lectures and seminars, and to communicate their insights to outsiders.

What Killed the Dinosaurs? A comparative extinction selectivity investigation

Machine learning algorithms are rarely utilized in paleontological research, but these algorithms can be used to identify determinants of extinction as well as predicting extinction risk, e.g., key example is the Titanic dataset (www.