We invite all Geo.X supervisors and seniors to participate in our 2020 Autumn School. There are several (not mutually exclusive) options for your participation:

  • Take part in the full 2020 Autumn School
  • Join the Roadmap and Panel discussion (Tuesday) as well as the final presentation (Friday). Either in persion or via video call
  • Become a mentor

What is a mentor

As a mentor, you can sign in using the below form. You can either serve as a mentor for a specific research challenge or provide input across challenges with regards to your expertise. We ask you to be available for a video chat at a certain time in the afternoons between the 6th an the 8th of October (please indicate your availability below). The groups can then present their work and ask for your opinion/help/input. Please indicate the research challenge you would like ot mentor, or provide keywords that will help the groups identify your expertise.